My Kit

My equipment is supplied by my shop The Nock Point, where I'm a Staff Shooter, and my parents. My bows are sponsored by HOYT. This is what I use. If you have any questions about my equipment email me or contact me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: @ArcherAddy

Indoor Set Up

Bow: 2018 Hoyt Pro Force. 45lbs draw weight, 29in draw,

Limbs: Hoyt factory limbs

Cams: Hiper ZT

Peep: Unknown

Release: Stanislawski MOREX BlackIce back tension

Arrows: Indoor: Easton ACE 1206 H series 670. Cut to 27 ⅝ in  

Vanes: White Blazer 1 ¾ by ½ in.   

Sight: AXCEL RX Achieve Carbon Pink Edition

Scope: Viper scope with fiber optic up pin and feather vision 4X glass

Rest: Hoyt Pro blade , freakshow .01 blade.

Stabilizers: Easton contour wind cutter 360 29 3/4 in. 2oz., Hoyt offset mount, 12in side stabilizer with 4 oz.

String: Custom X strings.

String Stop: Carbon fiber string stop.

Optics: Vortex Raptor 8.5x32

Quiver: Easton field quiver.

Gear Bag: AURORA Archery Pro Line Wheel Bag.

Shoes: Nike Downshiter 7

Visor: Nike Visor


Training Music

System: iPhone 6 40GB

I run long distance and hills.

Outdoor Change Out/Addition

Range Finder: Leupold RX -1000i TBR DNA Digital Laser.

Spotting Scope: Bushnell Trophy XLT 15-45x50mm.



Tournament Food

Fluids: Water with liquid Crystal Light, strawberry and banana.

Hydration:  CORE Hydration Powder

Snacks: Honey and oats granola bar

Special: The night before I love pasta with only butter and parmesan cheese.

Before shooting, Odwalla Mango Tango smoothie

After shooting Iced Caramel Macchiato